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Shakara Lyon

the mentor to come to when deep aliveness is what you are seeking 

Shakara is a transformational coach - specializing in the art of manifesting. Additionally, she is also a psycho-spiritual counselor and international workshop facilitator. Leading retreats and mentoring individuals around the world, she is an initiator of life-affirming change and the manifestation of one’s deepest desires—the perfect guide for those who are truly ready to transform their lives.


Shakara's coaching and mentoring is an extraordinary merging of capacities that includes:


• More than thirty years as a channel and gifted intuitive.

• A background in esoteric astrology, past life regression therapy, breathwork therapy, and the divination arts.

• Success as the founder and CEO of a million-dollar company, Mystical Pathways. (See more below.)

• Decades as a student and teacher of various mystery school traditions, including Tantra—the intimate interplay of masculine and feminine energies used in all creative processes.

A native New Zealander who lives part-time in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shakara’s long-term home is an idyllic island in the north of New Zealand. 

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From Television to Temple Training


highlights of Shakara’s extraordinary experience as teacher, healer, and businesswoman

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Exciting beginnings . . .


Leading a team of 30 people for ten years, Shakara owned and operated one of the most successful entrepreneurial enterprises in New Zealand — Mystical Pathways, a syndicated astrology-based newspaper column and astro-psychic counseling services.


In this capacity, she wrote, directed, and produced infomercials that resulted in making Shakara a well-known media personality throughout her home country.   

Working with individuals and couples

Shakara assisted in the establishment of Highden Manor—A Modern Day Mystery School in North Island, New Zealand. As a founding teacher, she is a core part of the Temple Training team, including the global online form of the training.


supporting women and men to answer

the question . . .

"What, dear soul, do you really want?"

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Shakara has led couples retreats in Bali and Italy, and women’s transformational journeys in magical places—from a chateau in France to the Sahara Desert of Egypt.


For information on future journeys, we invite you to sign up for Shakara's email list.  

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